Posted by: brenbrennan | February 11, 2012

HALT – Taking Care of Ourselves

My tank is empty. Help!

When I got ahold of this concept, my life began to improve and I was able to pinpoint what was wrong.

What helps me, when I am not feeling good, is to: HALT. 

Am I …
H-ungry ?
A-ngry ?
L-onely ?
T-ired ?

If I am any one of these, I move to fix that.

Hungry? I eat.
Angry? I write it out. Or talk it out.
Lonely? Call a friend.
Tired? I take a nap.

If one or more is missing, I’m out of balance.
If all four are missing, then my well is dry
and my tank is empty.

Restore all four and I’m ready to roll!

I am human, therefore I am not perfect and I make mistakes.  Everybody needs help at one time or another.  We are made to be INTERdependent.  It’s okay to ask for help.  If we don’t, we probably won’t reach our highest potential.  In relationship with others, we can experience our wildest dreams coming true.



  1. Very good ideas Gay! Thank you so much for taking
    the time to share them.


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