Posted by: brenbrennan | May 19, 2010

Mistakes to Avoid While Playing the Dating Game


Ladies, Let's Be Smart

What are some of the most common mistakes women make while dating?

1.  Women call men on the phone and take most of the initiative in getting together. Ladies, do not call him.  Let him chase you.  If he really wants to know you better, believe me, he WILL call.  If he doesn’t call, then he’s not very interested and you would be wasting your valuable time.

2.  Many women drop every activity they are involved in, the day after they have met a guy! Keep going out with your girlfriends, keep going to that young adults group at church, keep going to guitar lessons.  A woman who has a wide variety of interests or is devoted to a particular activity, for example aerobics or volunteering, is more attractive to men.

3.  The modern woman today is too available, too easy. “Oh, you want to sleep with me? Sure!  Oh, you want me to move in with you? Sure!  I had no other plans anyway and I can drop everything if you want me to.” Where are your personal standards, ethics, goals in life?  Do you have any or are you just floating around, waiting for “whatever” to come along?  If you don’t respect yourself enough to direct your own life, then he will NOT respect you or treat you like a princess.  We train people how to treat us, whether we are conscious of it or not.

4.  There are girls who settle for the next guy who comes along. These women are afraid they will end up alone.  They’d rather have anyone than no one, a loser or an abuser rather than an empty chair.

5.  Sitting at home, waiting for your Prince Charming to come knocking at your door. Instead, GET A LIFE!

  • Cultivate some hobbies.
  • Learn an instrument.
  • Take a continuing education class.
  • Join a sailing club.
  • Sign up for ballroom dancing at a local Parks & Rec department.
  • Make at least 1  dinner date with a different girlfriend each week.

You will meet more guys, build friendships, have lots to talk about, be exposed to different ages and circles of people, AND keep your weight down because you will not be sitting on the couch eating a pint of ice cream.

6.  Always saying yes to dates. Say no once in a while … like once a month.  “Oh gosh, I’d love to go out with you this Saturday, but I already have plans.”  Are your plans with a girlfriend from college or another guy?  He’ll never know and it might just drive him crazy. Yeah, crazy for YOU!

This worked like a dream for me.  I  planned on using this technique before meeting the next guy.  We’d been seeing each other a few weeks and when I turned him down for a date, it shocked him.  It kept him guessing and on his toes.  It definitely worked because twenty months later, we became husband and wife.

7.  All of us have seen that girl hanging around the guy she likes, all…the… time. She asks what he’s been doing while they were apart since last evening.  She questions him incessantly, talks too much and generally makes a fool out of herself.  He puts up with it because his ego is getting stroked.  You DO NOT want to become one of these people.  I should know.  I used to be her, but I was so desperate for attention, that I didn’t care how it looked to others.  ANY attention was better than no attention.

8.  Others sit at home, waiting for Prince Charming to come knocking on that door. Dating is like looking for a job.  A person must “get out there” and actively seek what they want.  In order to get hired, they have get out in the marketplace and let employers know who they are.  Most jobs don’t just drop from the sky into our laps while we are watching television. Neither do men.  Learn who you are, what you want and what you need.

9.  Too many words.  Nobody likes an excessive talker. Don’t tell him every thought that comes into your brain.   They don’t want to know and they really don’t care what the Wal-Mart cashier’s cousin did last Tuesday.  Be a woman of mystery.  Keep them guessing what you are thinking and what new adventure you will be embarking on.

10.  Momma told us not to wear out our welcome. Leave them wanting more.  Don’t stay too long at someone’s home.  They may yearn for a nap, but don’t want to tell you to leave.  Learn to look for signs.  Has everyone else left?  That’s a sign.  Have they stopped bringing up subjects?  That’s another sign.  Everyone understands if you say, “Well, I better get going.  I’ve got things to do.”

If a woman learns what she likes to do, knows who she wants to become, and what her strengths and weaknesses are, she will be much further down the road toward preparing for marriage.

She will be more mature and confident in who she is and those qualities will attract men, just as bees are irresistibly drawn to a patch of honeysuckle.

Too many words.

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